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Charter Fishing

See Why We’re the Charter Fishing Capital of Maryland

Fisherman with Large Fish

Known as the “Charter Fishing Capital of Maryland” since 1946, Chesapeake Beach Resort & Spa boasts two full-service marinas – The Rod ‘N’ Reel Dock and Marina West. Find everything you need for the perfect day on the Bay, including boat slips, a tackle shop, a head boat and fishing charters.

For more than 60 years, Chesapeake Beach Resort & Spa’s Rod 'N' Reel Marina has been known as the “Charter Fishing Capital of Maryland” with the largest charter fishing fleet on the Chesapeake Bay.

Book a six-hour, eight-hour or full party boat fishing trip and let the Bay’s most experienced captains show you where the fish are located. Your fishing charter can also include a delicious lunch option from Rod 'N' Reel.

  • Charter Boats include licenses and tackle
  • Trolling does not require bait cost
  • Bottom fishing with blood worms is based on Market Price
  • Chumming requires a bait cost based on Market Price
  • Lunch options are availabile
  • Call 800-233-2080 for box lunch order
  • View our Charter Fishing brochure and lunch menu here

Head Boat Fishing

Trolling Headboat Trips |April 16 - May 15

Sat & Sun |Per Person Fare for Trophy Rock Fishing Trips. Reservations must be made in advance
Mon - Fri | Available for Private Trips Only! Fishing or Cruises. Call to reserve your private trip.

Daily Bottom Fishing Trips |May 28 - Sept 5

Mon - Sat |All Day Fishing 8am-3pm, $75
Sun |Half Day Fishing 8am-1pm & 2-7pm $49
Bait Included With Ticket Purchase, Rod Rental $6
*Weekday discounts for Kids, Military, Law Enforcement, Ladies and Seniors.
(Daily fishing trips are 1st come 1st serve. Please arrive 45 min. prior to the departure time to purchase your ticket in the tackle shop.) Please bring a cooler to keep your fish on ice during the day and anything you would like to eat and drink for the day.)

Private Fishing Charters and Cruises are available to book for you and your own party.
$75 per person (includes bait) | (Minimum of 25 passengers) $500 Deposit is required.
*Private Trips are available between Memorial Day and
Labor Day 4-10pm, 5-11pm or 6pm-Midnight and after Labor Day 8am-3pm or Nights.

Private "Cruise" Trips

Cruise to Nowhere (2 HOURS)
Cruise the shoreline-South | $25 per person (25 person minimum) This trip is available daily starting at 4pm. We ask for customers to arrive 45 minutes prior to departure time. ($250 each additional hour)

Sharps Island Tour or Dinner Cruise to Tilghmhman Island (5 HOURS)
1 ½ hour cruise over, 2 hours to eat and 1 ½ hour cruise back | $90 per person for 1st 10 people, $75 per person over. (10 person minimum) This trip is available daily starting at 4pm. We ask for customers to arrive 45 minutes prior to departure time. ($250 each additional hour)


Charter Rates

6-Hour Trip – $625.00

Morning: 6 a.m. to Noon, Afternoon: 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. for up to six people. Some boats take more than six people with the same base rate for the first six people, plus $80 for each additional person.

8-Hour Trip – $775.00
You have the convenience of setting the departure time! Some boats take more than six people with the same base rate for the first six people, plus $80 for each additional person.

Boat Gallery

Browse the gallery of boats available for your charter fishing expedition to find the right boat and the right captain for your outing. As you click the name of each boat, you will find images and details displayed below so that you can customize your trip and get to know your captain before you even report to the bridge.


  • Capt. Randy Dean
  • Builder–Evans with 220 hp diesels 42' x 13'
  • Licensed for 12 passengers
  • Ph: 410-259-9496
  • Email

The Bay Hunter is an exceptionally well-kept, comfortable boat and a great fishing platform. You can fish and entertain in comfort with Captain Randy aka "All around nice guy." The fish have a different opinion of him!


  • Capt. Randy Dean
  • Builder–Glass Marine 46' x 16' Evans with 220 hp diesels
  • Licensed for 38 passengers
  • Ph: 410-259-9496
  • Email

The Bay Hunter II is an exceptionally well-kept, comfortable boat and a great fishing platform. You can fish and entertain in comfort with Captain Randy, aka "All around nice guy." The fish have a different opinion of him!


  • Capt. Randy Dean
  • Builder – Markley 46 X 14, twin CUMMINS
  • Licensed for 32 passengers
  • Ph: 410-259-9496
  • Email

Captain Randy Dean grew up in Silver Spring, Maryland and spent most of his summers returning to his birthplace of West Virginia. In West Virginia, Randy stayed with his grandmother and fished day after day on the Meadow River. To support his fishing addiction, he collected coke bottles and sold them to the local super market. Then Randy would then take the money to the town barbershop, which also doubled as a tackle shop, to buy different types of lures and baits. Not much has changed since his childhood, he still experiments with different ideas to catch fish and lucky for him  - now he gets paid to do it!


  • Capt. John Beach
  • Builder – Meekins 46 X 14, 450 hp Cummins
  • Licensed for 36 passengers
  • Ph: 301-812-1505

Defined as "Mr. Nice Guy," he really is a congenial fellow. It's a real pleasure to be around Captain John. His brand new Markley is a just plain beautiful, too. Having fished out of Chesapeake Beach for years, he's got the right stuff to produce a successful trip for your group.


  • Capt. Danny Morrison
  • Builder - 38' Bay Built Cecil Robbins, 440 Chrysler
  • Liscensed for 6 passengers
  • Ph: 443-532-7259

Capt. Danny Morrison began fishing and crabbing on the waters of the Chesapeake in the early 90's. As a long time deckhand to several charter boats including his step fathers boat, Perseverance, he has gained a substantial amount of knowledge of trolling, chumming, and live lining. Certified with a 50-Ton U.S.C.G. Master Captains liscense. As a young motivated captain, Danny gaurantees to produce a fun filled day with "plenty of catching."


  • Capt. Chris Mills
  • Builder – Jones 40 X 13, Single 450 Cummins Diesel
  • Licensed for 22 passengers
  • Ph: 443-532-1025
  • Email

Captain Chris Mills is a long-time resident of Calvert County, currently calling North Beach home with his wife Dawn and son Tyler. At 46 years old, Chris has over 20 years' experience working on charter boats. For 10 years he was a mate and worked on a number of charter boats as well. For several years he spent most of his time on Captain Ed O'Brien's "Semper Fidelis." Chris became a Coast Guard Certified Captain in 2007. Chris lives by the motto: "Life is Good" – and so is fishing! Come enjoy a day on the Chesapeake Bay with Captain Chris. He'll show you a good time.


  • Capt. Justin Tackett
  • Capt. Ken Tackett
  • Builder – Bertram 38 X 14 1/2, Twin Cummins
  • Licensed for 6 passengers
  • Toll Free: 888-6-FISHON
  • Ph: 703-477-5272
  • Email

Hop aboard the Day Dreamer with Captain Ken or Justin Tackett on a 38' deluxe sport fishing boat with twin Cummins diesel engines. Day Dreamer is a tremendous boat in rough water and takes on large head sea with ease. It's large cockpit is equipped with A/C and state of the art eletronics with plenty of room to maneuver when the action gets intense.


  • Capt. Tim Gasch
  • Builder-Neil Jones 43 X 13, 2-330 Cummi 660 hp
  • Licensed for 6 passengers
  • Ph: 240-678-7023
  • Email

Captain Tim, aka "Captain Throttles," had a good teacher. His dad is Captain Jim Gasch on the "Miss Linda." Obviously, a well experienced bay captain, Tim is always exuberant about catching the many species that we have in the bay. Fish On!


  • Capt. Dave Bailey
  • Builder – Key West #1 450 Cummings Motor 40 X 15
  • Licensed for 20 passengers
  • Ph: 410-474-2836
  • Email

Captain Dave started his charter career at Rod 'N' Reel with the highly regarded Captain Claude Sacker on the "Cindy S." A Calvert County native, Captain Dave is a passionate outdoors man and crazy about fishing. The Hooked Up II is a comfortable stage for fishing. Get Hooked Up!


  • Capt. Marcus Wilson
  • Builder – Carman 375 HP John Deere 45 X 13
  • Licensed for 22 passengers
  • Ph: 301-785-1199
  • Email

In his mid-20s, Captain Marcus Wilson started fishing on the Bay years ago with his dad, like many a young Captain.  More recently, he gained experience working as a mate on some of the best charter boats in the mid-Bay area.  He's had the opportunity to fish with Drew Payne on the Worm, Marty Simounet on the Kyran Lynn, Eddie Green on the Plumb Crazy, and Jamey Danford on Kelly D.  Now Captain Marcus has his own boat and is excited and anxious to build his own charter business.  


  • Capt. Charlie Marenka
  • Builder – Chesapeake Boats 50 X 16'5, Caterpillar
  • Licensed for 30 passengers
  • Ph: 410-320-2517
  • Email

At 52 feet the Jennifer Ann is a big comfortable boat with plenty of headroom to suit Captain Charlie Marenka. You won't bump your head under the canopy of this boat. With decades of fishing experience this US Army veteran, former Boy Scout and retired DC fireman will make sure that your day on the bay is a memorable one.


  • Capt. Monty King
  • Builder – Paul Jones 36 X 11, PERKINS
  • Licensed for 6 passengers
  • Ph: 410-251-2433

The "Jodi Lee" sets the standard for the best example of a classic, bay-built boat. The definitive native skipper, Captain Monty has been fishing longer than he'll probably admit. However, you want to go fishing? Look out for a bright-eyed, youthful answer. Monty's motto is an enthusiastic "Yeah right! Let's go get 'em."


  • Capt. Jimmy King Jr.
  • Builder – H. R. Green 40 X 13, 330 Cummins
  • Licensed for 6 passengers
  • Ph: 410-257-6042
  • Email

Captain Jimmy is a lifelong beach resident and fisherman. Soft spoken and mild mannered, he's eager to make your day on the bay a successful one. The King Fish is a classic Chesapeake Bay-built boat with a single diesel. Bring the camera!


  • Capt. Marty Simounet
  • Builder – Harry White 40 X 13.5, Single 375 hp Diesel
  • Licensed for 20 passengers
  • Ph: 410-474-4105
  • Email

Step on board the charter boat Kyran Lynn with Captain Marty Simounet and crew for a fun filled day of charter fishing in Chesapeake Beach. You can watch the sun pop over the horizon as you head to the local fishinggrounds.Then you can heel the excitement build as you waitfor Capt. Marty to signal "lines in" so you can hopefully be the angler in your party who catches the biggest fish.


  • Capt John Murphy
  • 43' Egg Harbor Sport Fish – Twin Diesels
  • Licensed for 6 passengers
  • Ph: 410-610-6617
  • Email

Captain John Murphy cut his teeth as mate here at the Rod N Reel Dock. He learned charter fishing on the bay with some of the areas best Old Timers, but that really doesn't describe his high energy, modern approach to bringing 'em in the boat. Good Times!


  • Capt. Pete Ide
  • Builder – 40ft Custom Bay Built, 420-hp Caterpillar Diesel
  • Licensed for 17 passengers
  • Ph: 301-481-1889
  • Email

Captain Pete started fishing as a mate at the age of 13. He bought his first boat the “Fish ‘N’ Fun,” a 44ft wooden boat in the spring of ’93. After fishing that boat for a few years, he then decided to buy his boat, now the “Pelican,” that was purchased in 1998. The “Pelican” is a 40ft Custom Bay Built. Captain Pete has been fishing for what seems like forever. He has lots of great fishing stories from days gone by to entertain you on your way to and from the fishing grounds.


  • Capt. Ed Green Jr.
  • Builder – Meekins 42 X 14, Twin 355 Cat
  • Licensed for 18 passengers
  • Ph: 301-233-0377
  • Email

Captain Eddie Green Jr. is a fisherman. Period. In his other life, he's clearly a plumber, but fishing is his passion. His track record includes growing up working with his dad on the "Why Not" plus 13 successful years on his former "Bay Raider." Plumb crazy? Why not?


  • Capt. Jon Tkach
  • Builder – Glass Marine 42 x 14, Cummings Diesel
  • Licensed for 26 passengers
  • Ph: 410-610-6620
  • Email

Captain Jon is a native of Calvert County and grew up fishing on the Chesapeake Bay. He is started his charter business aboard the classic bay built "Miss Meagan." A true outdoorsman, Captain Jon's greatest passion is fishing. The "Reel Attitude" is a heavy, comfortable boat, designed for the bay with a great fishing platform. Captain Jon's got the right ATTITUDE and always goes the extra mile to show his customers a REEL good time!


  • Capt. Robin Payne
  • Builder: Guimond Ltd./Millenium Marine Length: 45 Ft X 15.8 Ft., Caterpillar Diesel
  • Licensed for 12 passengers
  • Ph: 804-814-2573
  • Email

Captain Robin started mating for her Dad on the "Robin Sue" out of Reedville, Virginia and is now a veteran of about 20 years. She is young, energetic and welcomes all anglers: the young and young at heart for a fun fishing experience on the big and roomy Rock 'N Robin. Robin's real job is as a teacher, but her dad was the best teacher. He did a great job!
Rock 'N Robin Website


  • Capt. Keith Allston Jr.
  • Builder: Thomas 50' X 16' Single Engine Caterpillar Diesel
  • Licensed for 38 passengers
  • Ph: 301-399-4505
  • Email


  • Capt. Wayne Schuhart
  • Builder - Markley 46 X 14
  • Liscensed for 24 passengers
  • Ph: 301-751-6056

Captain Wayne Schuart has been fishing the Chesapeake Bay since he was in his teens. Whether it's trolling for Trophy Rockfish or live lining for smaller summertime rock, Captain Wayne will make sure you enjoy yourtrip aboard the Tricia Ann II. He holds a 100-TonNear Coastal U.S.C.G. Master Captains license. He always goes the extra mile to make sure you experience the best day of fishing to be remembered.


  • Capt. Drew Payne
  • Builder – Chesapeake Boats, Inc. 45 X 15, 450 hp Cummins
  • Licensed for 30 passengers
  • Ph: 410-474-4428
  • Email

The Worm is a 1999 custom-built charter fishing boat that's fully equipped with the latest electronic equipment, including radar. Captain Drew Payne has been fishing the mid-Chesapeake Bay area for over 15 years, first as a mate and as captain during the last few years. Whether trolling or chumming for rockfish or chasing bottom dwellers like black drum, croaker or flounder, Drew often goes the extra mile for his customers to catch just a few more fish.

Charter & Head Boat FAQs

Below you will find some of the most commonly asked questions about booking fishing charters at Chesapeake Beach Resort & Spa. If you have additional concerns, please contact us and a staff member will be happy to assist you.

How do I make a reservation?
Call 1-800-233-2080. A deposit is required. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover Card can be accepted over the phone. It's that easy!

What about coolers?
Bring an empty cooler and leave it in your car to take your fish home.

What about tackle?
All tackle is provided.

What about bait?
If you are trolling, you will be using artificial lures and there is no bait cost involved. If you are chumming or bottom fishing, bait is available at market price.

What about food?
We can arrange lunches and beverages to be ready on the boat when you arrive for your trip. Orders are placed in advance. You are also welcome to bring your own.

How many people can I bring?
Each boat has a maximum number of passengers allowed by the Coast Guard License. Observers, non-fisherman and children must be included in that number.

Should I charter a six-passenger boat or a boat that can carry over six people?
It's not important to know the exact number of people in the party at the time of booking. But it is important to know whether there will be six or less or more than six in your party. If you make a commitment to a six-passenger boat, that's a commitment not to bring more than six people.
Call 800-233-2080 for more information!

What should I wear to go fishing?
Dressing in layers is always best. It can be chilly in the early morning or late evenings so bring a jacket and/ or a sweatshirt. The sun can be hot in the middle of the day so be sure to wear a hat and don’t forget plenty of sunscreen.

Do I need a fishing license?
No. All the boats at the Resort have a blanket license for guests.

Can I bring beer on the boat?
Yes. How much? Be responsible and, above all, keep the good times rolling. If drinking creates safety issues, the trip could be terminated without refund.

What should I bring?
Bring sunglasses, a hat, sunscreen and a camera!

Are fish cleaning services available?
There is a fish cleaning facility available at the dock. You may clean your catch yourself or ask your mate about fish cleaning. There are usually fish cleaners at the dock available to clean your fish for you. If not, inquire at the tackle shop.

What is customary for tips?
Mates depend on tips for their income like a server in a restaurant. Usually tips are 15% to 20% of the value of the trip. Tipping the captain would be viewed as very gracious and exceptional, but not expected, unless the captain works without a mate.

What happens if it rains?
Bad weather must be determined at departure time. If there is a light drizzle, it could be considered a soft day. If the rain is coming down sideways, it's not likely that the boats will venture out. Feel free to call anytime and ask about current conditions. Rely on your favorite meteorologist for accurate forecasts.

Where will we be fishing?
In general, the boats fish from Bloody Point to Cove Point and the Choptank River.

How many fish can we keep?
This guide is only intended as summary. Regulations are subject to change. The Maryland Department of Natural Resources has done a great job managing and keeping our fisheries sustainable. If you are asked to participate in a fishing survey, that’s a good thing. Better information, better decisions!