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The Four Tops August 1st

Aug 01, 2017 07:00PM

The Four Tops are an American vocal quartet, whose repertoire has included doo-wop, jazz, soul music, R&B, disco, adult contemporary, hard rock, and showtunes. Founded in Detroit, Michigan as The Four Aims, lead singer Levi Stubbs (born Levi Stubbles, a cousin of Jackie Wilson and brother of The Falcons' Joe Stubbs), and groupmates Abdul "Duke" Fakir, Renaldo "Obie" Benson and Lawrence Payton remained together for over four decades, having gone from 1953 until 1997 without a single change in personnel. Among a number of groups who helped define the Motown Sound of the 1960s, including The Miracles, The Marvelettes, Martha and the Vandellas, The Temptations, and The Supremes, the Four Tops were notable for having Stubbs, a baritone, as their lead singer; most groups of the time were fronted by a tenor. The group was the main male vocal group for the songwriting and production team of Holland-Dozier-Holland, who crafted a stream of hit singles, including two Billboard Hot 100 number-one hits: "I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch)" and "Reach Out I'll Be There". After Holland-Dozier-Holland left Motown in 1967, the Four Tops were assigned to a number of producers, primarily Frank Wilson. When Motown left Detroit in 1972 to move to Los Angeles, California, the Tops stayed in Detroit and moved over to ABC Records, where they continued to have charting singles into the late-1970s. Since the 1980s, the Four Tops have recorded for, at various times, Motown, Casablanca Records and Arista Records. Today, save for Indestructible (owned by Sony Music Entertainment), Universal Music Group controls the rights to their entire post-1963 catalog (through various mergers and acquisitions), as well as their 1956 single, "Could It Be You". A change of line-up was finally forced upon the group when Lawrence Payton died on June 20, 1997. The band initially continued as a three-piece under the name The Tops,[1] before Theo Peoples (formerly of The Temptations) was recruited as the new fourth member. Peoples eventually took over the role of lead singer when Stubbs suffered a stroke in 2000 with his position assumed by Ronnie McNeir. On July 1, 2005, Benson died of lung cancer with Payton's son Roquel Payton replacing him. Levi Stubbs died on October 17, 2008. Fakir, McNeir, Payton, and Harold "Spike" Bonhart, who replaced Peoples in 2011, are still performing together as the Four Tops. Fakir is now the only surviving founding member of the original group. This is a rain or shine event. All sales are final.

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Spin Doctors August 2nd

Aug 02, 2017 07:00PM

You think you know the Spin Doctors. Think again. When the legendary NewYork quartet release If The River Was Whiskey on May 14th through RufRecords, casual fans will discover the secret past the hardcore have neverforgotten. To the wider world, the Doctors might be the multi-million-sellingicons behind hits like Two Princes and Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong, not tomention the classic Pocket Full Of Kryptonite. But in 2013, Chris Barron(vocals), Aaron Comess (drums), Eric Schenkman (guitar) and Mark White(bass) are reconnecting with the flat-broke twenty-somethings who scrapedfor dollars at the sharp end of the Big Apple blues circuit. The Spin Doctorshave come full-circle. “We were four guys in our twenties,” remembers Aaron of early daysin the late-’80s, “and our goal was to write our own songs and make a livingdoing it. The blues is such a big part of our roots, but one of the reasons wecame up with such a big catalogue of blues songs back then is that we’d playthese downtown blues bars in New York. You were supposed to play bluescovers… but we were actually playing our own songs!” We all know what happened next: the hits, the hysteria, the fame andthe money (“When were selling 50,000 records a week,” remembers Chris ofthe band’s explosion circa 1992, “I’d walk into a mall to buy underwear and300 kids would surround me!”). If The River Was Whiskey hits rewind. It’s thedeep-blues album the Spin Doctors almost made before megastardom cameknocking. It finally bottles those near-mythical songs from that sweatboxcircuit. It’s simultaneously a tipped hat to the band’s lost past and the freshestrecord you’ll hear all year. “Every note feels dangerous,” smiles Chris. “It’sjust like this ramshackle, broken carriage running down a cobblestone hill,with pots and pans, and a screaming baby…” The concept to revisit these songs struck as the Spin Doctors touredEurope to toast the 20th anniversary of Pocket Full Of Kryptonite, and polledüber-fans David Landsburger and Daniel Heinze on what they’d like to hearas the encore that night. Their answer – So Bad – was a song so old that Chrishad almost forgotten the verses, but when the venue exploded, a lightbulb litover the band’s heads. “We had such a good time playing these tunes,” thesinger explains, “that we thought, ‘We should go make a record of this stuff’.It’s really brought us back as a band, musically and interpersonally.”The songs on If The River Was Whiskey are different vintages. “SomeOther Man Instead and the title track, I wrote those lyrics in the last year ortwo,” explains Chris. “But Sweetest Portion, I wrote that song when I was 19.I’d run away from home, and when I got back, my friends were really upsetand there was a rumour going around that I had died. So I wrote that song –and I’m not sure if I’ve ever written a better one since.”The material might be a quarter-century in the making, but If The RiverWas Whiskey took just three days to record when the four members convenedlast summer in New York. The original plan was to get together at Aaron’sHis House Studios in Manhattan and work up some demos – no pressure –before heading upstate to a boutique analogue facility and start tracking inearnest. “We didn’t expect to make a record,” smiles Eric. “We were justgoing to make a demo and play at the Rockwood. And then, lo and behold…”Instead, without the pressure of the red light, the sessions began tounfold with an effortless magic. “We just kinda winged it, man,”says Mark.This album sounds exactly the same as it does onstage, because we recordedit live, which is the way it should be done. There’s no overdubs. Anybodythat tried to do an overdub was gonna get whacked!” “We really kinda fooled ourselves and tricked ourselves, and I thinkthat’s one of the reasons why it sounds so fresh,” picks up Aaron. “Becausethere was absolutely no pressure on us of any kind. We just hit a moment.Everything came together and we got this great record. Usually, the bestthings happen when you’re not trying… and that’s what happened here.”The band quickly realized the supposed rough-cuts captured byengineering ace Roman Klun couldn’t be topped. “By the third day,” reflectsChris, “we’d recorded all ten of the demos. We went out to dinner that night,we were all having a cocktail, and someone was like, ‘Gentlemen, I believeour demo is a record’. And we all just laughed.”Take a spin of If The River Was Whiskey and you’d have to agree: theyaced it. The Spin Doctors might have given you the soundtrack to the bestnights of the ’90s, but with this new album, they’ve rediscovered a strand oftheir musical DNA that melds perfectly with the hits you know and love. “It’sbeen so refreshing to go back to this material,” says Aaron. “It’s just broughteverything that’s good about the band out again. I can honestly say that we’replaying better than ever right now, and I think a lot of that is because of thematerial on this record: it’s just really opened things up. Some bands, you goand see them 25 years later and they’re up there going through the motions.But to me, we sound better than ever. We sound world-class now, I think.”“We play about four or five tunes a night from this new album andthey all work,” says Eric. “It just feels seamless, like any of the new tunes cansit with any one of the Kryptonite songs. And the band is just playing amazingnow. It’s a pleasure to play with people that you’ve been playing with solong… and everybody’s still breathing!” Likewise, when If The River Was Whiskey arrives on May 14th it’ll be apleasure to toast the return of the Spin Doctors, and a new album set to scorenew fans while making the hardcore love them more than ever. “I don’t careabout sales, man,” states Chris, honestly. “I mean, it’d be awesome if it soldmillions of copies, but honest to God, I just want to keep making a livingplaying music. We get up onstage and we turn it on, and sing and play ourhearts out. And that’s all I’ve ever wanted to do: just make real music, givepeople something from my heart.” This is a rain or shine event. All sales are final.

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Bruce in the USA, A Bruce Springsteen Tribute August 3rd

Aug 03, 2017 07:00PM

Bruce In The USA is much more than just another tribute…This high-energy musical experience is a note-perfect and visually accurate recreation of a Bruce Springsteen & The E St. Band show. Matt Ryan, from the World Famous “Legends In Concert” cast, began playing the Springsteen character in 2000, in Legends “full scale” Las Vegas show. The great success in the famous Las Vegas show brought him to performances across the world, eventually evolving his character into the Bruce In The USA show. The Bruce In The USA Band consists of seasoned world class professional musicians. The show has hosted musicians from such acts/bands as Queen/Paul Rogers, Meatloaf, Blue Oyster Cult, Hall and Oats, Joe Cocker, The Ojays, Aretha Franklin, David Cassidy, The Temptations, Slash… and so many more.This high end, powerhouse, band has taken this genre of performance art to a whole new level, making it the World’s #1 Tribute to the E Street Band’s musical legacy. To millions of diehard fans around the world, it’s Springsteen’s marathon, party-like performances that have elevated him to hero status. Bruce’s legendary concerts (in the largest arenas) sell-out within hours of their announced sale. For those even lucky enough to get a ticket, there was nothing that could fill the aching void in between Bruce’s long-awaited tours…until now…. The Bruce In The USA show was born on the Las Vegas Strip in the winter of 2004, with its debut at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino, in the majestic “V Theatre”. The show assaulted the senses in a fun-filled and exciting party atmosphere on the Vegas Strip, while suspending disbelief for even the toughest skeptics. They’ve been met with critical acclaim, from the Stone Pony, large theaters, and Performance Art Centers across the country, as well as corporate events spanning across the globe for over a decade. Sell out crowds are on their feet from the first song to the last. $15 in Advance, $20 at the door •         Event is rain or shine. No refunds unless show is cancelled by CBRS.•         No umbrellas are allowed inside the venue.•         No outside food or drink allowed inside the venue.•         Children age 3 and under are free with ticketed adult.•         Seating is first come, first serve general admission.•         Group seating is not guaranteed together.  

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Sunset Cruise & Dolphin Watching

Aug 05, 2017 05:00PM

Enjoy a 3 hour sunset cruise and dolphin watching trip aboard the Miss Lizzy. Cruise departs from Rod 'N' Reel dock at 5pm.   No refunds. If cruise is postponed due to rain, we will issue a rain-check for the rain-date on Saturday 8/5.If the cruise is canceled altogether, we will issue a refund in full.

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Big Bucks Bingo August 6

Aug 06, 2017 02:00PM

Home of the $10,000 Jackpot! Upstairs Doors open at 2:00 pm. Downstairs Doors open at 3:00 pm. Free Mini at 4:00 pm. Early Birds at 4:30 pm. Party Game at 5:30 pm.   All for $39 admission, includes Fried Chicken Dinner, Coffee and Sodas, $30 Free Play and all $500 Regular Games, $1000 Jr. Jackpot, and $5000 Jackpot.  Play up to 27 cards on Regular Games OR Double your prizes, Double your fun! When you win on your double action paper (only on Regular & Jackpot games) All for $69 admission….play up to 27 cards on Regular Games (includes 9 cards Double Action….Additional packs pay level 1. $1000 Regular Games, $2000 Jr. Jackpot, and $10000 Jackpot.      Online tickets sales close, Saturday, August 5th at 11pm. Each player in the hall is required to have an admission pack. All sales are final, no refunds will be issued.

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Harold Melvin's The Blue Notes August 6th

Aug 06, 2017 05:00PM

Live music in the Bandshell. Doors open 1 hour before show time. The Blue Notes are one of the dynamic groups that came out of the Gamble and Huff Sound of Philadelphia Family. They have been previously know as Harold Melvin and the BlueNotes, featuring Teddy Pendergrass.Since the death of Harold Melvin in 1997, the group has been known as Harold Melvin's Blue Notes. The group members are Donnell Big Daddy Gullespie on lead vocals,John The Hammer Morris Baritone/Tenor and occasional lead,Rufus Silkie Thorne First Tenor and occasional lead,and Anthony Brooks Tenor/Baritone and occasional lead. Website: Facebook: •         Event is rain or shine. No refunds unless show is cancelled by CBRS.•         No umbrellas are allowed inside the venue.•         No outside food or drink allowed inside the venue.•         Children age 3 and under are free with ticketed adult.•         Seating is first come, first serve general admission.•         Group seating is not guaranteed together. $25 in Advance, $30 at the door

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Second Hand News, A Fleetwood Mac Tribute August 10th

Aug 10, 2017 07:00PM

Annapolis Supergroup Second Hand News (Meg Murray, Angie Miller, Bryan Ewald and Company faithfully recreating the music of Fleetwood Mac •         Event is rain or shine. No refunds unless show is cancelled by CBRS.•         No outside food or drink allowed inside the venue.•         Seating is first come, first serve general admission.•         Group seating is not guaranteed together    

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New Censation August 13th

Aug 13, 2017 04:00PM

“New Censation” not just a name, but a concept. With three European Tours to their credit, New Censation continues to delight and entertain audiences of all ages – and all interests with a wide variety of music, from every genre. All four members are professional studio musicians and not only have been recording artist themselves but have worked either in the studio or on stage with many other performers in the industry. Cyndi & Roy Wallman deliver a captivating combination of vocal styles, and are at the heart and soul of the group.  Along with Will Williams, an absolutely stunning guitarist & vocalist and drummer Jay Elmore, adding vocal talents to his drumming skills, as well.New Censation delivers excellent vocals and musical talent from all four members, highlighting rock solid music and performance. Quality, style, class and charisma…dance music the way you always wanted to hear it live. Experience them for yourself… •         Event is rain or shine. No refunds unless show is cancelled by CBRS.•         No umbrellas are allowed inside the venue.•         No outside food or drink allowed inside the venue.•         Children age 3 and under are free with ticketed adult.•         Seating is first come, first serve general admission.•         Group seating is not guaranteed together.

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The Commodores August 15th

Aug 15, 2017 07:00PM

For three decades, the Commodores have remained a force in the music industry. The Commodores aren’t just any group. They have staying power. Just like their hit song "Brick House," the Commodores have created a foundation that just won’t budge. After churning out hit after hit in the Motown days, the Commodores still hadn’t achieved Grammy recognition. This wasn’t to be until 1986, without Lionel Richie, when the Commodores released “Nightshift”. In 1968 the group was formed while all the members were in college at Tuskeegee University. After being discovered by Berry Gordy, the Commodores went on to sell over 60 million records for Motown. With hits like “Machine Gun” and “Sail On,” the Commodores became proven artists. They proved it then. They proved it in 1986 with “Nightshift,” and now they are ready to prove it again. Unlike many other groups, the Commodores haven’t rested on their early hits. Quite the contrary, the Commodores have continued to put out quality work. With the creation of their new label, the Commodores released Commodores Hits Vol. I, Commodores Hits Vol. II, Commodores Christmas, and Commodores XX - No Tricks. The newest CD “Commodores Live” was recorded during the groups 1997 U.S. tour and released in December 1998 along with a TV special. The Commodores believe in their work, but they are not the only ones: “Seventies phenoms return with a self produced album filled with some great music. The Commodores look set for a fantastic return.” - BRE Music Report “Venerable pop/R&B band issues its first single in five years engaging vocals woo with warmth and restraint.” - Billboard The successful Commodores of the present have not only produced six new albums and embarked upon a world-wide tour, but have created their own record label, Commodores Records & Entertainment. Today the Commodores stand not only as talented and successful musicians, but as artists determined to continue their success into the future. This is a rain or shine event. All sales are final.

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Technicolor Motor Home, A Steely Dan Tribute August 17th

Aug 17, 2017 07:00PM

Glenn Workman, Mark St. Pierre, Ben Sherman, Anthony Setola, Meg Murray, Jim McFalls, Dave Makowiecki, Bryan Ewald, Barry Caudill, & Kelly Butcher A mix of elegance and function, this 10 piece band plays its homage to the recent touring versions of Steely Dan. Their show includes material from every SD album as well as some gems from Becker and Fagen solo projects. Longtime Baltimore/Annapolis/DC musicians from such storied bands as Off The Wall, Hectic Red, non-fiction, The Heat & the Cold Sweat Horns, The Capitol Bones, Starbelly, Crack The Sky, meg & bryan, Tony Berry & New Money, The Bellvederes, Chuck Brown, Carey Ziegler’s Expensive Hobby, The Jarflys, Cry Monday, Naked Blue, Power House, The Suits, Palookaville, Spectrum, etc. Technicolor Motor Home named Best Tribute Band by Baltimore Magazine “For years Steely Dan did not tour because their songs were too darn difficult to replicate on stage. And when they did tour, they had something of an orchestra in tow. So it was surprising to learn that a local group was tackling such elegant and beloved pop music.   Led by 'Crack the Sky's' keyboardist Glenn Workman, the band not only plays selections from every Steely Dan album, it does so with the necessary precision and passion, horns and back up singers included. TMH proves you can buy a thrill - just check out one of their shows.” Technicolor Motor Home voted Best Tribute Band in 2014 and again in 2015 Rams Head attendees vote each year for a variety of awards. All of the bands who’ve performed at the various Rams Head venues this past year were eligible with votes counted each February.   Technicolor Motor Home was presented with the 2014 Rammie award as the winner for the Best Tribute Band, and again in 2015 we were honored once more. Thanks to everyone who voted!   We are occasionally joined on stage by these fine folks: Jay Dulaney - Bass Andy Shriver - Guitar Jeff Chiaverini - Trombone Rich Sigler - Trumpet   Keith Nachodsky has been our soundman since the first show, but when he has not been available we’ve been helped by: Ethan Montgomery Speedoo McFadden Denny Finnerin - Vocals Amber Letters - Vocals Jen Smith Vocals Joe Farace - Guitar Mike Young - Guitar

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The NoWhere Men August 20th

Aug 20, 2017 04:00PM

The NoWhere Men were formed in the early 1960's in Hyattsville, MD, and in a short period, became legends in the DC area. Today, that legacy is still alive.They were young men, boys really, that got together from different parts of the Washington Metropolitan Area and not even old enough to drive. Supporting parents and older siblings would witness the music coming from their basements and garages, and offered to drive them to their performances.Soon enough, The NoWhere Men became one of the hottest horn bands ever to hit the D.C. music scene, performing blue-eyed soul with rich harmonies unsurpassed in the area.Their cover tunes encompassed a wide array of music popular at the time. Blood, Sweat and Tears, Chicago, The Ides of March, The Temptations, Four Tops, Parliament, Sam & Dave, James Brown, Tom Jones, Clarence Carter, as well as rich melodic groups and performers like The 5th Dimension, Gary Puckett and the Union Gap, The Grass Roots, The Associations, Bill Deal & The Rhondells, The Guess Who, and The Righteous Brothers, to name just a few.Today, the NoWhere Men have - through nothing short of a miracle, and a lot of faith - reunited to perform a series of concerts for all their loyal fans who want to take a ride down memory lane.Join us and step back in time. To the good old days, when life was simpler, music was better, and getting old was the furthest thing from our minds.Something big is happening...again •         Event is rain or shine. No refunds unless show is cancelled by CBRS.•         No umbrellas are allowed inside the venue.•         No outside food or drink allowed inside the venue.•         Children age 3 and under are free with ticketed adult.•         Seating is first come, first serve general admission.•         Group seating is not guaranteed together.

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The Bird Dogs Band as The Everly Brothers Experience August 24th

Aug 24, 2017 07:00PM


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Out of Order August 27th

Aug 27, 2017 04:00PM

Out of Order formed in 1988 when Bob, Mark, and Mike rejoined after having played together on other projects. After going through a number of lead vocalists and a few drummers, the band welcomed Rob to the microphone in 1994, and Dan to the drum kit in 1999. With the lineup set (for the next few years), Out of Order became a cohesive unit with a repertoire of music that reflected the diversity of their musical backgrounds and influences. Late in 2013, Steve joined the band. His love of classics, the Beatles, and alternative rock rekindled an interest in long-forgotten music. Today, Out of Order boasts a play list so diverse, they can play entire shows aimed to please everyone from big band to classic rock, alternative to pop, ballads to modern rock. The group is constantly adding new original and cover material to keep the show fresh. •         Event is rain or shine. No refunds unless show is cancelled by CBRS.•         No umbrellas are allowed inside the venue.•         No outside food or drink allowed inside the venue.•         Children age 3 and under are free with ticketed adult.•         Seating is first come, first serve general admission.•         Group seating is not guaranteed together.  

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High Voltage, an AC/DC Tribute August 31

Aug 31, 2017 07:00PM

Live music in the Bandshell. Doors open 1 hour before show time. High Voltage is the Nation’s Premier AC/DC Tribute Band – five veteran musicians putting it all on the line every time they take the stage enabling audiences to enjoy as authentic an AC/DC live performance as possible.  Baltimore’s own, HIGH VOLTAGE is the most entertaining AC/DC live show you will see, next to the real thing.  HIGH VOLTAGE delivers the pure energy, excitement and concert experience that true AC/DC fans around the world have grown to expect.  HIGH VOLTAGE performs the very best AC/DC songs and the most recognizable hits, spanning the full range of epic hit songs from the Bon Scott era through the days with Brian Johnson at the helm. Website: Facebook: •         Event is rain or shine. No refunds unless show is cancelled by CBRS.•         No umbrellas are allowed inside the venue.•         No outside food or drink allowed inside the venue.•         You must be 21 yrs or older to attend this event•         Seating is first come, first serve general admission.•         Group seating is not guaranteed together.  

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